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Quality Assurance and Quality Control
This is an integral part of every industry. Designing, maintenance, controlling quality strategies and quality management systems form the basic principles of total quality management.
Our services consist of providing support to QA/QC co-ordination to ensure that risk factors are critically and scientifically assessed.
We are at the helm of project management activities in the oil and gas industries. We are also deeply involved from the project initiation to decommissioning stages making vital inputs towards ensuring that project goals are achieved while putting every safety protocols into consideration.
Our highly and trained QA/QC engineers visit work and project sites to ensure that required standard of quality are followed.
While Quality Assuranceengineers focus on providing confidence that the quality requirements of a project will be fulfilled, the Quality Control engineers focus on fulfilling quality requirement.
Quality plans are in place to ensure that quality is never compromised and risk factors are reduced to as low as reasonable possible.
Our duties include but not limited to the following:
  • QA/QC Engineers ensure that quality control plans are followed as per client's requirements.
  • We plan, co-ordinate and supervise quality work of service providers and inspectors
  • We are deeply involved in carrying out equipment failure analysis and incident investigation.
  • We review and approve contractor's audits, reports and documentations.
Contact Baztech today for all your QA/QC services in the oil and gas industries and we will render services that are beyond your expectation.

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