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Our Vision

At Baztech, we undertake cutting or fabrication of newly rotary shouldered connections and premium conections. We also carry out repairs on damaged connections.

We have highly trained, certified and experienced machinists, programmers and in-house inspectors, who through their vast experience have successfully completed a lot of projects for clients.

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To be a world class and first choice company, providing quality services to the oil, gas and energy industries.
We have state of the art shop with latest machines to carry out all these operations.
We have all the necessary standard gauges, measuring and inspection tools with very good maintenance and calibration records all aimed at ensuring that projects are carried out in accordance to the specific required standards.

Baztech also offers third party QA/QC and inspection services to clients during the manufacturing and repair processes. Our personnel are always present in the shop floor, monitoring activities to ensure that processes are carried out in accordance to the recommended specifications.
We also verify all the calibration status of all the equipment to ensure that they are valid and suitable to carry out operations.

We oversee in-process inspection and carry out final inspection checks on these threads and then issue certificate of conformity.

For your rotary shouldered and premium connections QA/QC services, inspection, manufacturing, repairs and other related operations count on Baztech anytime to provide the quality services you require.

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