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Services: Non-destructive testing
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To be a world class and first choice company, providing quality services to the oil, gas and energy industries.
This is the branch of engineering that concerned with all methods of detecting and evaluating flaws in materials.
The essential features of NDT is that the test process itself produces no deleterious effects on the structure of the material under test.
NDT is used for in-service inspection and for condition monitoring of operating plant. It is also used for measurement of components and physical properties such as hardness.

Our highly qualified and dedicated team offer a degree of expertise and inspection knowledge that spans several market sectors including Oil and gas, Petrochemical, LNG,Aerospace, Nuclear, Military, Casting, Forging, Fabrication and General Engineering.

Baztech also offer QA/QC third party monitoring services during these NDT operations to ensure that they are carried out in accordance to the required standard specifications.

Contact Baztech today for all you NDT needs and you will be satisfied beyond your expectations.

We offer all the NDT principles, which include the following:

Eddy Current Inspection: This process is used to detect surface and near surface irregularities in ferrous and non- ferrous materials. The portability of the equipment is the main advantage of this method making it ideal for on-site application with added benefit that it may not be necessary to remove surface paint.
In eddy current testing, a coil carrying an AC current is placed to the sample surface or around the sample. The current in the coil generates circulating eddy currents in the sample close to the surface and these in turn affect the current in the coil by mutual induction.
Flaws and material variations in the sample affect the strength of the eddy currents.
The presence of flaws is measured by electrical changes in the exciting coil. Both voltage and phase change can be measured though simpler instruments measure only the voltage changes.
Typical application include the following:
  • Surface and near surface flaw detection
  • Metal and coating thickness measurement
  • Rapid sorting of small components for either flaws, size variations or material variations.

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