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At Baztech Limited, we undertake the servicing, maintenance, assembling and testing of various conventional and intelligent completions tools and their running tools in our workshop. Our services cover completions tools for both land, swamp and deep water operations.

Our highly experienced technicians and engineers ensure that these tools are serviced and tested in accordance to the recommended specifications.

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To be a world class and first choice company, providing quality services to the oil, gas and energy industries.
We also provide QA/QC third party engineering services during maintenance, assembling and testing processes of these tools. Our engineers are always present during equipment build-up process, bucking process, function and volume tests processes to ensure that these processes are carried out in accordance to the required standard specifications.
We carry out dimensional checks on the assembly against the build sheet to ensure accuracy to the required specifications.

We are responsible for monitoring pressure testing, and signing off pressure charts, torque charts and measurement sheets after thorough checks has been carried out to ensure that these processes are carried out accurately.

Our personnel are also involved in the final equipment inspection and supervise mobilization of these equipment to location to ensure that they are correct and properly loaded.
Records of signed test charts are kept in both hard and soft copies for reference purposes.

Contact Baztech today for all your QA/QC services, maintenance and testing of your completions tools and you will be satisfied with the result you will get.

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